Highway Leaders Respond to Interstate Traffic Nightmare


LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Transportation leaders want to apologize to everyone who's had to deal with the highway nightmare.

Interstate 40 is one of the busiest interstates in the country.  It also has lots of 18-wheelers on going to and from Memphis.

Highway and Transportation Department spokesman Danny Straessle said that created a problem when ice formed on the roads.

After so many trucks slid and turned over on the highway, vehicles began to stack up on the roadway.

Crews can't treat the roads until those vehicles get off.

Highway crews had been in place since Sunday night.

"Northeast Arkansas and eastern Arkansas are two areas of the state that don't routinely see a lot of winter weather. Those areas aren't as geared up equipment wise for removal of winter weather precipitation as northwest Arkansas is," Straessle said.

Much of the traffic nightmare occurred in the construction zones, which are down to one lane.

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