Geek Fix: Telephone Anniversary, AT&T Price Cuts and CUPID Drone

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Greg Dee talks the latest technology news in his Monday morning Geek Fix report. Today's hot topics include:

Today is the 138th anniversary of the invention of the telephone. March 10,1876 Alexander Graham Bell tested the first prototype of the telephone just 10 days after applying for a patent for the device.

AT&T has cut the price of its 2GB Mobile Share Value plan by $15 to $65 a month, the carrier announced this weekend. That price is for customers with one phone line using the 4G LTE network and includes 2GB of data, plus unlimited talk and text in the U.S.  The deal also includes unlimited international messaging from the U.S. to select countries with no annual service contract, AT&T said. "Mobile Share Value plan customers can bring their own device or purchase a phone at full retail price," AT&T said. AT&T's latest one-two punch was timed just two days after one of its rivals, T-Mobile increased its prices for unlimited 4G LTE access by $10 to $80.

A Texas film has revealed an app controlled security drone that can zap intruders with an 80,000 volt taser dart. But Human operators still have to sanction any attack – for now. Web firm, Chaotic Moon studios, has created a drone that uses a taser instead of missiles, in what could be a policeman’s new best friend in the battle against crime. It’s called CUPID, but unlike its name, it could turn out as quite a deadly piece of kit. The name stands for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone and can fire a dart packed with 80,000 volts at any unwanted intruder or criminal on the run. In a video released on Saturday, CUPID fires the dart at an intern who is brought instantly to the ground. Medical staff then rushes to assistance before the video cuts out.

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