Geek Fix: T-Mobile Data Plans and Flying Cars

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Greg Dee talks the latest in his Monday morning Geek Fix report.
1.) T-Mobile has launched the next 2 installments of its Un-Carrier initiative. Un-carrier 5.0 will allow anyone once a year to test drive their network for free for 1 week on a new iPhone 5s. Following the test drive the user can keep the device or return it to a store. There is no down payment involved in the test drive. Un-Carrier 6.0 keeps music streaming free. T-Mobile has announced it will not count data streamed over 8 popular music apps against a user's data plan. The carrier will allow voting by users to allow new apps to be added to the list.

2.) Elon must says he wants to build a flying car. Although a road worthy car is already being developed by a Wisconsin company but is not for sale. No word on what the ceo of tesla is actually planning and when.

3.) Nest is buying Dropcam, a company that's gained popularity with it's easy to install home monitoring webcams. The webcams will likely be incorporated into Google's whole home control system in the future.

4.) Yo, what's being called as the stupidest app ever made, has been hacked. The app only took 8 hours to code and works to only send the word "Yo" to those in your contacts. Those contacts can now be hacked and spammed. Yo raised over $1 dollars in crowd sourcing.

5.) The city of Chicago is upgrading its lamp posts. The new lamps, beginning in July, will not only collect information on weather conditions and pollution levels. The posts will also count the number of people walking underneath them allowing city officials to provide better urban planning.

6.) ESPN's most popular show has a new home. The Bristol Connecticut Network has completed construction on a brand new 192,000 sq/ft studio. The studio will be home to a brand new sportscenter set, the network's most popular show. The old studio, measuring in at 128,000 sq/ft has been the show's home for 10 years.

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