Geek Fix: Digital Globe, Cue and New Drones

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Greg Dee talks the latest in technology news with his Monday morning Geek Fix report. Digital globe, the company that captures super-hi-res satellite images of the earth now has permission from the us government to sell those images to companies all over the country. The images are expected to be detailed enough to make out details in a car.

A company called Cue is working on a brand new box that may bring the doctors office into your home. The small box will be able to determine not only if you're sick, but the levels of your vitamins and other vital stats. The box would then transmit the results to the app on your phone or tablet.

A couple of drone companies have released drones for sports. The Airdog and Hexo+ Drones can be triggered  to begin flying with the press of a remote button. The drones then find their owner and can follow them at an assigned altitude at speeds of up to 43 mph.

If you're curious what exactly is in your cup, no worries, the folks at Vessyl have the solution. The new 13 ounce cup is able to determine that's been poured inside and its nutritional content such as amounts of calories, fat or caffeine.

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