Fire Chief: Hot Springs' Majestic Hotel Complex Needs Immediate Repair

A piece of history is literally falling apart in downtown Hot Springs.

The Majestic Hotel complex, at 101 Park Avenue, was closed down six years ago

A May 1st inspection (full report attached below includes many photos) of by the city's fire and planning departments found neglect everywhere, according to Hot Springs Fire Chief Ed Davis.

The complex is made up of 11 separate structures in three main sections. Here's what inspectors found in those areas:
  • The Lanai Tower, built in 1962 is the most modern part. It has four structures within, including a nine-story hotel tower, two motels and a combination deck and cocktail lounge. It's overall condition is fair.
  • The Red Brick section, built in 1925, is an eight-story structure and it's overall condition is fair.
  • The Yellow Brick section, built in 1886, is the oldest and most endangered portion. It is a five-story structure made up of six others, including a drug store, restaurant, and lobby. The inspection found water damage on every floor in the Yellow Brick section, and one part of it is in a state of collapse. The damage is so severe inspectors say it will likely lead to the destruction of the building if it's not repaired. Ooe section of Yellow Brick is in a state of collapse, three structures have significant water damage that will lead to the destruction of the building if not repaired. Two sections are stable and not currently threatened, inspectors said.
Immediate action recommended at the complex includes:
  • seal all roof penetrations
  • secure access points
  • secure facade weak points
  • remove vegetation from between buildings
Inspectors say a fire in the Yellow Brick section would likely collapse the building and endanger the lives of firefighters.

Renovation of the Majestic has been discussed in recent years but no work is planned for the immediate future.

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