Father Posts Video Plea From Daughter's Gravesite

- BRYANT, AR--Hundreds of thousands of people are sharing a Central Arkansas father's warning about the dangers of driving under the influence.

"If I can help anybody, I want you to listen to me," Rick Ellis says at the top of a video recorded in a cemetery.

"My little girl was killed from a mother who wanted to get high and drink and party and have fun, " he continues.

Six-year-old Lindsey Kay shares a tombstone with her mother, Ellis' ex-wife, who sat behind the wheel when they crashed on a Mississippi Highway in 2010. The single-car accident killed both of them.

"She was always always full of smiles. She was born an angel and died an angel," says Ellis.

July 17th Ellis visited Lindsey's grave for the first time since her funeral.

"I wondered how I could help, how I could change, how I could make that moment better, how I could give my little girl a voice," he says.

Ellis pressed record then posted the 3 minute clip to Facebook and watched as friends and later, strangers shared it and their stories of loss more than 400,000 times in six days.

"I can't explain how overwhelming it is. People say they just put the beer down and that video changed them," he says.

Back in the Bryant Park where he played with his only daughter, Ellis admits he's struggled with addiction too.

"You can't do it on your own, addiction is from the devil and you have to have to God," says Ellis.

That same faith moved him to make the video he hopes saves other lives.

"My daughter, her face, my story, her story, God's story, touched so many and I'm very thankful," he says.

Rick Ellis received thousands of messages and friend requests on Facebook. Some people wrote they made their children watch the video and vow not to drink and drive.

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