Cotton Issues Debate Challenge, Pryor Camp Responds

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- So far, we've heard a lot from the campaigns and their allies, mostly in 30 second attack ads.
But Sunday Republican Tom Cotton challenged Democrat Mark Pryor to a series of long form, unmoderated debates across the state.

At the Republican Party's headquarters in Little Rock, Cotton stepped to the podium saying Arkansans deserve to hear from the candidates in this race directly, in an unfiltered forum.
He proposed five debates in different regions of the state over the next six months leading up to election day.
Cotton criticized Pryor's voting record, especially pointing to Pryor's support for President Obama's healthcare reform bill.  Speaking directly to the sitting senator, Cotton issued a challenge for Pryor to defend his record.

"What do you say senator Pryor?" Cotton asked.  "You and me, alone, five times all around Arkansas, no moderator, speaking directly to each other and to the voters."

Erik Dorey, Pryor for Senate spokesman, released a statement Sunday afternoon that reads:

"Mark looks forward to debating Congressman Cotton at the appropriate time and in a format where voters statewide can finally hear Mr. Cotton's explanation for recklessly voting to turn Medicare over to insurance companies, cut benefits and raise the age to 70 for Social Security and Medicare."

Cotton says he does propose having a time keeper for the debates to make sure both sides get equal time.
Pryor's camp says the senator does plan to debate Cotton but that details still need to be worked out.

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