Church Raises Money for Bat Removal

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The beautiful sound of music fills St. Edward Catholic Church on Sunday.

But just above, in the large, dark attic, Father Jason Tyler says, "We have bats."

And not just a few bats, thousands of them, a whole colony.

We took our camera up and saw a group of the flying mammals hanging out.

Father Tyler said, "We do have to consider this again. This beautiful historic structure that the longer the bats stay is damaging to the building."

Bats are a protected species, so the church hired an environmental service to safely remove them.

It's going to cost $22,000.

To help raise money the church is holding a unique fundraiser called Adopt-A-Bat.

Depending on how much money you want to give, you can receive a special gift.

For example, $20 will get you an adoption certificate and you can even name your bat for fun, of course you don't really take it home.

Bat-cutouts placed around the church show just how many people already donated to the cause.

Father Tyler said, "What's really neat about it is the positive reaction we've had. So many people got a good chuckle."

Father Tyler says the "bat crew" is putting up netting around the church which allows the bats to get out but not back in.

He's hoping they'll find a new home before the end of the month.

If you would like to donate to the cause, click here.

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