Bats Swarm Little Rock Church Attic

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Thousands of bats invade one local church and make their home in the attic.

Now, a crew is in the process of "bat-proofing" St. Edward Catholic Church.

With a church that's more than a century old, the St. Edward staff expected to see a few bats, but never a whole colony.

We got to take our camera into the attic and saw a group of bats hanging out there.

The winged-mammals are leaving behind droppings which can be damaging to the church.

Father Jason Tyler says most of the other buildings -- in the area -- are already "bat-proofed" and that's likely why so many made their way to his church.

Bats are a protected species so an environmental company is coming to the church filling in some holes and putting up netting around the attic.

The net will let bats get out when they leave to look for food at night.

When the bats return though, they won't be able to get back inside.

Father Tyler said, "I've had a couple questions of people wondering is this safe? Is this a problem? What kind of danger are we in? But again, we're getting ahead of this. We're getting to it before it would ever become a problem."

It's going to cost St. Edward Catholic Church $22,000 to "bat-proof" the attic.

Coming up tonight, after football, hear the unique approach the church is taking to pay off that hefty bill.

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