Arkansans Alter Plans Around Unusual July Weather

- LITTLE ROCK, AR – Wednesday’s weather didn’t reflect July. It was gloomy all day, it rained and temperatures only reached the 70s.

This type of weather has gloomed over Little Rock throughout the summer and it has put a damper on some businesses.

Owner of Big Rock Mini Golf and Fun Park, Marci Hall said on rainy days like Wednesday, she has to cut staff because of slow business.

"I'm thinking, 'who on my staff can I call and say do you not want to come in today?’” Hall said. “I know I'm going to have to take volunteers for somebody to miss their shift and I don't really like that."

Hall told KARK 4 News she scheduled nine employees to work Wednesday, but had to ask two to go home.

"Every now and then it's really nice to have that little break, but we don't want too many days in a row like that."

But not everyone was upset about the rainy weather.

Jonathan Forrest and his kids, along with Ron Sears and his kids spent the day in the pool and on the golf course at Big Rock Mini Golf and Fun Park.

"It's not raining cats and dogs out they can get out here,” Forrest said. “Summer is almost over, school is about to start so it's time to go."

Forrest’s son, Zachery said he didn’t mind the rain.

"We're at a water park and we're still getting wet by the rain. We're at a water park to get wet and have fun."

According to KARK 4 News’ records, July 2014 is tied for the fourth coldest.

If Little Rock gets less than a half inch of rain Wednesday night and on Thursday, it will make the top ten wettest July ever.

Little Rock will also likely break the cold high temperature for July 31st of 74 degrees. The last time it was 74 degrees on July 31st was in 1902.

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