82-Year-Old Woman Fights Heat, Animals for 30 Hours After Breaking Hip

- HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, AR - Mary Lou Caden does just fine on her own.

"I do everything but clean the gutters," Mary Lou chuckled.

She takes care of her garden, too.

The 82-year-old lives by herself in Hot Springs Village and on a blistering hot day in July that garden got the best of her in one step.

"I just flipped back," she explained. "My arm got caught in the rose bush and my leg got caught up in a rose bush."

That was beside the point though.

"I couldn't move anyhow because everything was shattered," she added.

A broken hip put her on her back.

That was at 11 a.m. on July 28, a Sunday.

"Very painful," she remembered. "I didn't pass out though."

That's when it set in that she couldn't get up.

"Maybe if a car goes by slow, if I yell help somebody will hear me," she thought. "That didn't work."

She was expecting a delivery but not until the next day.

"Who might stop by?" she joked. "I think I chewed the Lord's ear off that Sunday."

So she began to wait, just staring at the sky.

She has it well documented. From a hummingbird paying her a visit mere feet away from her chest to picking out faces and shapes in the clouds.

With the sun still beating down, Mary Lou found some tissues in her pocket and laid that across her face.

It was a waiting game, that is, until night fell.

"I heard a noise from the porch," she shared. "Then I heard a hissing."

She took whatever she could find for defense.

"Grabbed a handful [of rocks] and threw it over my shoulder."

Night turned to morning, and Mary Lou was still there.

Hours passed the next day with the sun chapping her lips and blistering her face.

Then, after 30 hours and well into the 4 o'clock hour, that delivery she expected came.

"Finally. That's all I thought. Finally," she said.

The delivery man says he thought she was dead when he found her. He called out to her at first, in hopes Mary Lou would respond. She did.

Five weeks later she's recovering at Good Samaritan in Hot Springs Village.

The get well cards have covered the walls inside her room from family, friends and teammates.

Mary Lou used to be a professional women's baseball player in the 50s.

"I got all kinds of titanium in me," Mary Lou referred to her side.

She's got a completely rebuilt hip, but that's not the only thing she came away with.

Remember, Mary Lou had plenty of time to sit. She had plenty of time to think.

"Kinda renewed my faith," she cried into tissues. "Kinda reviewed everything I had to be thankful for."

Mary Lou plans to donating the rose bushes to her church.

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