$3.4M Spent on LR Park Seen as Waste by Some

PULASKI COUNTY, AR - Overgrown weeds rise a few feet off the ground and bullet holes scar a slide making a playground uninviting at a public park off Garrison Road just west of Little Rock city limits.

"I think it's awful," said homeowner Genyth Kubitz who lives near the park.  "We never wanted it."

Kubitz says she hasn't liked the idea ever since the city of Little Rock paid $3 million for the 614 acres of land brought from Deltic Timber back in 2000.

The park is known as Section 13.

Aside from the dilapidated playground, there's really not much else at the park.  Some bullet shells, empty beer boxes and four wheeler tracks are about the only signs anyone ever uses the park.

"They shoot their guns, and they tear the park up," Kubitz said.

There's been talk of building a soccer field and other uses, but 14 years after the property was purchased none of that has materialized.

"It's wasted money," Kubitz said.

Kubitz lives in the rural area to enjoy the peace and quiet but says gun blasts and four wheelers at the park are a disruption. Calls to police, she says, are met with a lackluster response, because it's city property surrounded by county land.

After our questions Tuesday, a Little Rock Police spokesman said dispatchers have now been instructed to send officers in response to calls about the park.

Also Tuesday, city officials defended the purchase of land and $400,000 spent building the playground, making trails and for other work. Assistant City Manager Bryan Day said the investment will prove valuable decades from now as westward growth continues.

But Kubitz is not convinced.

"They need to go where the park would be utilized and not somewhere a bunch of rednecks will go and just shoot it up," she said.

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