Acme Motel Shutdown for Code Violations

- LITTLE ROCK, AR - "This is everything I own in the world right here," says Hattie Temple, one of the residents impacted by the city's shutdown of the Acme Motel.

Temple says she doesn't know where to start looking for a new home.

"I don't have have any idea, I'm looking for something," says Temple.

Mainly because she doesn't know where she'll move to.

"Everybody's gotta find them a place to go, on the fly, 48 hours. If we would have gotten evicted from our apartment, at least we would have had 10 days," says Temple.

Hattie is one of dozens of tenants no longer able to stay at the residential motel on Roosevelt Road.

The City of Little Rock ordered the place to shutdown Wednesday, citing multiple code violations.

"This is the only place we have, this is all we have."

Kable Burnett made the most of the motel.

"A couple of holes in the wall, maybe some of the light sockets didn't work, but the roof wasn't falling in on us," she says.

Now, in 24 hours, she says a homeless shelter may be her next stop.

"If we had an incident here, they would have been in danger," explains Gregory Summers, Little Rock Fire Chief.

While tenants tell us they could live with the motel, Chief Summers says the conditions were life-threatening.

"Not only is it a hazard for them, but it's a hazard to our firefighters as well," he says.

And moving tenants out in just two days had to be done.

"The conditions were just so bad that we felt like it deemed it necessary for them to do something," says Summers.

The motel owner must now repair the property in order to meet fire and building codes.

Until then, tenants like Hattie and their loved ones are left without a place to stay.

"I'm not scared, I'm just mad. I'm mad," she says.

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