8 Calico Rock High School Students Fighting Punishment for Senior Prank

CALICO ROCK, AR - A group of eight students at Calico Rock High School (Izard County) are fighting punishment they were given following a senior prank.

According to the students, the prank involved moving desks and chairs from classrooms into the school's hallways.

The students say nothing was defaced, harmed or broken and there was no malicious intent. 

According to a Facebook page the group has started to get support for their fight, part of the principal's punishment means they can't go to the prom.

Synopsis of story (in part) from the group's Facebook page (click here):
8 students pull harmless senior prank and get elaborate and unequal punishment. Principal threatens kids to sign an admittal or get arrested on felony charges.

Thursday night, April 17 at around 9:30 p.m. 8 seniors from Calico Rock High School in Calico Rock, Arkansas entered the high school with a key from a school employee to pull their senior prank. They moved desks and chairs from classrooms into the hallways, for the school to find the next morning. They carried the desks and chairs instead of scooting them to avoid scratching the floor. They neatly stacked the books from the desks into the appropriate room. Nothing was defaced, harmed or broken. They locked the doors with the same key on their way out. 

Having knowledge of previous pranks and punishments from prior years, they expected to have to clean it up and arrived early to school Friday morning to do so. They admitted it was them. And this is where the story goes bad. The principal of the school made a knee-jerk emotional decision on punishment. After threatening to press felony charges and take the kids to jail, she presented them with a paper typed that stated they admitted to vandalism. The students did not think they were guilty of vandalism, but were afraid of the consequences of not signing the form. Most students were 18 and above, but one was not. 

No parents were contacted and no one was present when the students were questioned or presented with the form. The punishment was: 3 day out of school suspension, no extracurricular activities including Prom, no graduation speeches (this only affected two students), no competition (this only affected one student who qualifies for Sr. Beta National competition in Acrylic painting and one of the same students who is denied her graduation speech), no driving to school, and no senior trip. 

No student or parent denies the need for discipline, but the punishments do not fit the events and the punishments are not laid out equally for all involved. Let me add that the student who is denied her graduation speech and her national competition was the principal's step-niece until a nasty divorce last year. Three of the students only the 3 day suspension pertains to, while one student, every bit of the punishment pertains to. This is a definite abuse of power. 

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