4 Things We Know About Little Rock's Homicide Rate

LITTLE ROCK, AR - New numbers are in on the capital city's homicide rate.

The Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) released figures on Monday from 2010 to May of this year.

The LRPD also released a detailed list of the 30 homicides (see attached list) so far in 2014. Six of those cases are unsolved, having no named suspects.

From this information, here are the 4 things we know about Little Rock's homicide rate:
  1. We’ve already had more homicides that we did in 2010. During that year, the city saw only 24 homicides. Since that time, the figure has been quite a bit larger.  
  2. Little Rock is on pace for 51 homicides. While you can’t truly detect “pace” for a situation like that, the math would show that we’d see 51 homicides this year if the rate continues at its current pace. That would make this the deadliest year for Little Rock in the last 5 years. We experienced 47 homicides in 2012.
  3. Little Rock will likely surpass 2013’s homicide total. Police investigated 36 homicides last year. It’s likely we’ll see at least 7 murders over the final 5 months of the year.  
  4. Historically, we’ve seen far worse. In 1993, Little Rock experienced 70 homicides. That’s a far cry from where we are now. At that time, we were at the height of gang activity. Nevertheless, we made big strides since that time.  

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