Dangerous Foods for Dogs

The holidays bring lots of good foods in our homes. Vet Blair Hauk and her Dachshund helper, Pumpkin, from Sherwood Animal Shelter say it's important to be aware of the ones that can be dangerous for our pets.  

1.  Grapes and Raisins - Even in small amount these can be deadly to your pet causing kidney failure.
2.  Wine Corks, Corn Cobs, & Avocado Pits - Can cause intestinal blockage if consumed.
3.  Chocolate - The darker the chocolate the more hazardous it is for your dog's heart.
4.  Macadamia Nuts - These can actually cause hallucinations for your dog.
5.  Onions and Garlic - Can cause hemolytic anemia in your dog.
6.  Bones - No bones cooked or uncooked. Can tear up their intestines or cause diarrhea 
6.  Xylitol (found in sugar free gum, some peanut butter, etc.) -  Can cause hypoglycemia, seizures, liver failure or even death in dogs.

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