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Teen Drug Abuse Awareness

teendrug.jpgParents need to be aware of the fact that more than half of teens in America and pre-teens are planning to try or illegal drugs. If you think that statistic might not include your child, think again. You won't believe what kids living right here in Arkansas are doing with the latest drugs. Parents in our communities cannot afford to overlook this information. Our kids are often exposed to drugs, some of which many parents might not be aware of. If you haven't heard of them, chances are your kids most likely have and most drugs have serious and often deadly consequences. Even if teens do not overdose, many drugs can still eat away their organs and cause permanent damage that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Certain drugs can eat away at your kidneys, liver and potentially your brain. I'm sure teens using drugs are not thinking about being on dialysis, in pain, on a liver transplant list, but for some teens that's exactly what's ahead for them. ArkansasMatters.com has designed information to inform parents of the signs to look for if you think your child might be using drugs and to promote awareness of the many new drugs that are easily accessible to your child.

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Signs of Drug Use

Is your teen using drugs?

It can be difficult to know the signs of a normal teen from a teen that is abusing alcohol or drugs.

Teens that are troubled may decide to turn to drugs and alcohol to feel accepted by their friends, ease or alleviate uncomfortable feelings, or help them feel good or less inhibited. The good news is there are ways that parents can distinguish between normal teen behavior and a teen that is hooked on drugs. Here are some warning signs to tell if your teen may be using drugs.

A normal teen:

  • Quick to differ from others beliefs
  • Understands the consequences of the actions they take
  • Understands fairness and can notice inconsistent patterns in logic
  • Is completely engrossed with their own thoughts
  • Slightly isolated or withdrawn from certain social situations
  • Has mild changes in disposition
  • Feelings become more fervent
  • Begins regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things
  • Begins to question authority
  • Changes in morals and values

A teen that is abusing drugs:

  • Confusion between who they are and what they do
  • Sees the drug as him or her
  • Quick to blame others for how they are feeling
  • Recognizes themselves as a person who does drugs 
  • Has an obsession with drug culture and drug based activities
  • Becomes socially aloof, shy, reserved, detached
  • Extravagant changes in mood because of drugs
  • Sense of self importance becomes significantly greater 
  • Does not recognize the reality of their own condition
  • Is argumentative with authority
  • Refuses to recognize authority and values they once recognized
  • Can recall only selected information