Published 04/20 2009 07:17AM

Updated 05/30 2010 03:45PM

Inhalants are common products and are very easy for teens to acquire. Some popular inhalants include petrol (gasoline), glue (adhesives), paint and paint thinners, hair spray, cleaning fluid, gas from lighters or barbecues (butane), nail polish remover, felt pens, cooking spray, typewriter correction fluid, computer cleaner, oven cleaners and nitrous oxide. Inhalants are ordinary legal products that are safe if used properly, however some teens can use inhalants to get high. Most inhalants are depressants that slow down the brain. When people 'sniff' or 'choof', these chemicals quickly move into the lungs and into the bloodstream, around the body and to the brain. The chemicals in the blood slow down the messages in the brain and through the central nervous system producing the unusual feelings that inhalant users seek.

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