Pear and Black Walnut Salad


* ? Cup  Black Walnuts, toasted
* 4 Cups (1 large bulb) Fennel, fresh, chilled, cored, tops removed, sliced into thin strips
* ? Red D'Anjou pear, quartered, cored, cut crosswise into thin slices
* ? Green D'Anjou pear, quartered,cored, cut crosswise into thin slices
* ? Cup White balsamic vinaigrette
* 1-2 oz. Goat cheese, farmstead, small crumbles


1. Place fennel, Black Walnuts, and vinaigrette in mixing bowl. Gently toss with your fingers to evenly combine and coat ingredients.

2. To assemble: Arrange equal amounts of red and green pears to form an overlapping ring in center of each chilled salad plate. (The ring should be hollow in the middle, allowing room for fennel to be placed inside.) Divide the fennel/Black Walnut mixture into four equal portions; then artistically mound each portion in center of the ring of pears. The presentation should look natural and somewhat loosely stacked, allowing the ring of pears to be seen.

3. Garnish by sprinkling goat cheese crumbles over the salads.

4. Serve immediately (this should be a cold salad), and enjoy!

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