Creamy, Truffle Scented Polenta

shallots 1 ea. finely minced
clarified butter 1T 
whole milk 1 pint 
heavy cream 1 pint 
chicken stock 1 C 
polenta 1 C 
truffle peelings 1T 
white truffle oil 1 tsp 
parmesan Reggiano ? C grated
butter 2T 
fresh corn 2 ears grilled, kernels removed


1)Add shallots and clarified butter to a sauce pan over low heat and sweat the shallots.
2)Add the milk, cream, and chicken stock.  Bring to a boil.
3)Slowly stir in the polenta and reduce to a simmer.
4)Add the truffle peelings.
5)Cook until polenta is tender.  The consistency should be very soft.  Almost like a very thick sauce.  If more liquid is needed add additional chicken stock.
6)Fold in the white truffle oil, parmesan, grilled corn, and butter until incorporated.
7)Transfer to a 1/3 pan, cover with butter paper, and hold on the steam table for service.

Courtesy of Central Park Fusion Cuisine

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