Aaron Nolan Tries Curling

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The Winter Olympics kickoff in February in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

KARK 4 Today co-host Aaron Nolan will be there to cover all the action. 

To get in the Olympic spirit, he took an up close look at one of his favorite sports of the Winter games, curling.

He says it's as unique as it is fun.

"A bunch of big stones on ice, sounds like a ball right? Well it is, and when we hit the Olympics in February this is going to be one of those really, really hot sports, so let's figure out how to do it. Hopefully I can teach you guys and you'll want to get on the ice and curl," says Aaron.

Of the 15 Winter Olympics sports, this one may be the most unique.

It's chess and shuffleboard on ice. As men and women from around the world send stones weighing 42 and a half pounds down an ice rink.

"It's one of the best lifetime sports ever," says Dominic Maerke. He lives in northwest Arkansas and is currently on the Swiss national curling team, aiming at making the Winter games in South Korea.

"This is kind of a sport that Arkansans, folks from the United States don't get, is that fun for you to be able to educate folks?," Aaron asks him.

"Yeah sure, we do have some who want to learn to curl, and it's funny. You hear often some jokes, like the sweeping, ah cleaning the kitchen and stuff, but it's absolutely not the case. Everybody knows after learning to curl how hard it is to sweep rocks and to throw those rocks," Maerke says.

"There's only two ways to throw a stone," he continues. "Either clockwise or counterclockwise. You want it to spin, because that's how the game gets it's name, as the stone goes down the ice it curls."

Mark Curtis has been curling in Arkansas for years. He's the perfect teacher for an imperfect pupil.

While he never really perfected curling, Aaron says the game is a ton of fun and "there's a lot more athleticism in this than what I thought."

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