Difference Maker Award for July 2017: Little Rock Police Foundation

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Anytime someone dials 911 in the Capital City, typically a Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) officer is on scene. Recently, many have worked around the clock as crime continues to rise.
But there is one non-profit that's aimed at providing support for the department that does so much. And now, their work has been recognized and is the recipient of the Difference Maker Award. 
Each day, when people are in distress, instead of running away from the problem, they run to it. 
"Let me tell you, crime fighting is a tough job," Timothy Anderson, Chairman of the Little Rock Police Foundation, said.
Anderson doesn't have a background in law enforcement -- but he is backing the blue and he's doing what he can to help the LRPD.
"I'm a lifelong resident of Little Rock and I want to make a difference," Anderson said. 
He's the chairman of the Little Rock Police Foundation. It was formed about a year and a half ago. 
"Action is necessary. It's not an option anymore. We're all concerned about the crime," Anderson said. 
Anderson said the non-profit's mission is to provide support for LRPD that enhances police-community relations, crime prevention and public safety through funding. 
"We have the best police force in the country and we need to support our police officers getting them the training, the equipment, getting them the necessary tools enable to win the war against crime," Anderson said.
For what he does for the department, and for the community, he's receiving some much-deserved recognition... The foundation is the latest organization selected by the community to receive the Difference Maker Award. 
"Rainwater, Holt, and Sexton wants to present you this check for $1,000, payable to the Little Rock Police Department Foundation Board... [We] give you our thanks for all the work you're doing to help the citizens of Little Rock."
Anderson says he will use this money to continue to help officers who are in the business of fighting crime. 
"We want to make sure those dollars that we raise go toward the betterment of the department," Anderson said. 
Helping those who help us. 
To learn more about the Little Rock Police Foundation, click here.

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