CSA Finalist: David Hodges

This month's Community Service Award finalist is David Hodges, a volunteer driver at the Maumelle Senior Center.

"He's been so important to us, because he did a lot of driving for doctors' appointments and then
when we got a van he's been driving not one day a week, but two days a week," says Ellen Neiman, who depends on the van to get her around.

When a severe knee ailment forced his retirement at age 35, Hodges needed something to do.

"I stayed around the house a guess about a year-and-a-half, 'bout to drive my wife nuts, and she
recommended I go down to the community center, or to the senior center and visit with them and see about volunteering," Hodges recalls. "I've gotten to know wonderful people, their experiences and everything else like that, it's so uplifting."   

"The the riders love him, they always want to know, is David working, is David going to pick me up
today, is today David's day?," says the center's Beverly Masters. "They enjoy the attention, and that is something. When you're on your own, livin' alone, having somebody's attention is wonderful."

Hodges also uses his Louisiana culinary skills at the center.

"When they started about two years ago asking if anyone wanted to cook a meal in the kitchen he
volunteered and he does it every first Friday of the month," Neiman says.

"We started a men's club over here. Matter of fact this January I turned 50, so I could actually join
the senior center," Hodges laughs.

"He's here when he says he's gonna be here, and we can depend on David. We just depend on him, and he's solid," Masters says.

"As long as I can do it, I'll keep doin' it," Hodges says.

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