Community Matters: Food for Kids Program

CONWAY, AR - "We worked us out a system," says volunteer Wandene Harvey.

Piece by piece,

"Everybody has a job to do."

ladies at the Southridge Assisted Living Center are doing their part.

"If someone gets behind we'll say we're going to fire you," says Harvey.

And having some fun at the same time.

"No one's ever gotten fired," says Harvey.

They're helping load backpacks with meals, part of the Food for Kids program.

"I've been doing it now for about 20 years and every year I've done more children."

Lana Gartner is the school nurse at Ellen Smith Elementary in Conway.

"We just don't have the room anymore to store the food," says Gartner.

That's where South Ridge comes into play. Twice a month Arkansas Rice Depot delivers food here. Residents sort and put items in backpacks until they're needed for kids to take home over the weekend during the school year.

"It is a known fact that the better nutrition you have the better you learn," says Gartner.

It makes a big difference for kids, but also has another impact.

"After we got through with all of this I thought you know, I really did something worthwhile with all these ladies," says Harvey.

Both the young and young at heart feeling the benefits of a community that cares.

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