Finishing Touches Put on Home for Mom and Disabled Son

VILONIA, AR - Spring is getting close. The weather is just about perfect for sitting and watching. But this family is doing a little more front porch...waiting.

"Lots of day dreaming, lots of wondering, lots of curiosity," says Marcy.

Dylan Treece and his mom, Marcy are just weeks away from a new house.

"I think it's a small price to pay to be kicked out and kind of have to navigate wherever for six weeks. It's a very small price," she explains.

That's right, Dylan and Marcy are stuck in Conway while their new home is being built for them in Vilonia.

"They cannot be here, they will not see the finished product until it is done," says the pastor from Beryl Baptist, Wade Lentz.

Beryl Baptist raised around $30,000 to help move Dylan's house to a firm foundation. The money alone wasn't enough and more help was needed.

"Folks began to donate labor, materials, and God has just done a tremendous work in this short amount of time," says Lentz.

There was plumbing, electrical work, sheet rock, roofing, siding and even some concrete, all given to help this cause.

While the door remains closed to Dylan and Marcy, the anticipation will continue to grow in Faulkner County.

"To see these special people getting this special home is tremendous for us," says Lentz.

Next month, a 1,000 square foot house will become a home.

"It will be one of those feelings of like, pinch me is this real." says Marcy.

As for Dylan, a new space to stretch his legs and a new room to lay your head is something pretty special.

"Can you tell him what did you say our house is, it's a big?" asks Marcy.

"Blessing..." whispers Dylan.

"He's whispering blessing," she explains.

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