Community Matters: "I Can Bike" Program Helping Kids Fly Solo

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS - Some kids living with special needs here in the Natural State are taking off the training wheels and flying solo with a little help from the national "I Can Shine" program.

The group's "I Can Bike" campaign made it's way to northwest Arkansas for a week-long camp.

"3, 2, 1... turn turn turn turn turn..."

"It is really fun," says Mary Borman.

"Good. Keep going."

Down syndrome connection in Rogers is teaming up with the "I Can Bike" program to get kids rolling.

"We're teaching kids that have special needs how to get on a two-wheel bike," says Nolan Farnan.

"Push those feet. Big circles. Good."

Kids like Mary Borman.

"The first thing you can do to do it is be confident," says Borman.

According to the program 90% of people with down syndrome never learn this skill but these 28 kids want to defy the odds.

"Throughout the week, they progressively get better at riding bikes, so they taper off the roller to get it more

like an actual wheel in the back," says Nolan Farnan.

And it makes a difference even once the kickstand is down.

"I'm happy I come here and be myself here and trust a lot of people by helping me," says Borman.

"These kids, they love kinda having that independent feeling," says Farnan.

"I have a normal person's life," says Borman.

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