Health Matters: da Vinci Xi Surgery System

CONWAY, Ark. - Cutting edge technology is making some aspects of surgery minimally invasive with faster recovery times.

The state's first da Vinci Xi Surgical System can be found at Baptist Health in Conway.

It's changing the way doctors do things in the operating room.

With the hand controllers and 3D vision, it looks as if Urology Dr. Robert Hurtt could be playing a video game. 

"The robot, you can see the little arms, they move all directions," he says.

The Urologic Surgeon is behind the movement of the robotic-assisted surgery system.

"It allows us to get into tough places and have the ability to move to cut tissue," Dr. Hurtt explains.

"It did a wonderful job, that's all I can say!," says Sandy Malson, patient, who had bladder surgery in September. "They didn't have to cut me across. They made these little incisions."

The da Vinci Xi has changed the recovery period for patients.

"She left the next day. In the morning actually. So she stayed less than 24 hours in the hospital," says Dr. Hurtt.

"I just can't believe that they can do it with a machine and of course at my age it's like 'a machine did that?' You know," Malson says.

Compared to other surgeries she has undergone, this has by far been the best experience.

"It was great and I don't even have half the pain," she continues.

Dr. Hurtt expects to see more advancements from the system.

"They're going to have everything through one incision, so you won't have multiple incisions," says Dr. Hurtt.

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System has also shown to cut down the number of surgery complications like bleeding and infection, as well as reduce re-admission to the hospital after original discharge.

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