Baptist Health Offering New Weight Loss Device

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - With the new year comes resolutions, and losing weight still tops the list for many people... but there's one device that's giving people a new perspective on how to shed the pounds.

"It's the one I found that works best for me. It's tailored enough and gives me control in picking meals," said Body Gem user Katy Odell.

Katie Odell started a weight loss plan she found at Baptist Health over the summer. She says it gives her the balance she's searching for, with healthy foods at the hospital, and eating out with family.

"57 pounds since June," Katy said, on how much weight she's lost.

Consistent results didn't weigh Katy Down. It motivated her week to week. Katy says she's tried everything, but this program helped the healthy habits stick. It's a device called Body Gem.

"It tells you how many you're burning just by being you, and then it kind of gives you an idea of how many calories you can eat during a day to lose weight or maintain," Katy said.

The Body Gem also tells you how much activity you should incorporate each day to shed pounds. It takes less than 10 minutes to calculate.

"Put a mouth piece on it, you're going to put your mouth around the mouth piece and you're going to breathe in and out through your mouth. You've got a nose piece, lovely nose clips that you can place around your nose," Weight loss program leader Natalie Williamson explained.

In addition to the results, Baptist Health has healthy meals you can shop for to help you lose weight. Katy says she comes in weekly to shop - and to make sure she's getting updated results from the Body Gem so she can update her diet plan accordingly.

"If you've tried other things, I would recommend giving this a try," Katy said. "Small, realistic changes is one thing that I've really done well with here."

Setting small goals that are easily attainable, so it motivates you to keep going and see more progress along the way.

Katie says accountability also helped with the program... Since she had to come to Baptist Health once a week for a weigh-in and to be able to use the Body Gem.

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