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In 2008, 604,632 Arkansans volunteered time

Volunteers are the engine that powers the services in our community. KARK as celebrated 33 years of volunteerism, and now we plan to expand out work in this area.

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Feeding Hungry Families

The food hardship rate for Arkansas households with children is nearly 30%

4 The Greater Good will use our resources to connect families in need with people who want to help feed hungry families.

Aging in Arkansas

Over 50% of seniors 85 and older cannot live independently

4 The Greater Good will also focus on making sure that the aging population in our community has the resources and care that it needs to age independently with grace and dignity.

Click here to visit Active Living Matters.

Click here to visit Arkansas Hospice.

Provide Tools and Resources for Childrens Education

One in four Arkansas children lives in poverty

One issue 4 The Greater Good will tackle is ensuring that our children have the resources and tools they need for school-- from computers in their classrooms to rulers and pencils to breakfast before school so they can focus throughout the day.

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